Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to install and configure Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) in windows server 2003

Part: 2: How to install and configure Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA)
Part: 4:  Installing SSL Signed Certificate IIS 6.0

In Part1 of this tutorial we have demonstrated how to generate CSR now in Part2 you will learn How to install and configure Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA)

Note: To install the Certificate Authority you first need to install IIS on a Windows Server 2003 Click here to Install and Configure Internet Information Services 6.0 (IIS)

Go to Start ->  Control Panel -> add remove or programs

                                         Image  1

Click Add or Remove Programs, Click Add/Remove Windows Components. On the windows component wizard selectjjk  Certificate Services -> Click Next
                                         Image  2

Click Yes

                                         Image  3

Click Next

                                         Image  4

On the CA Type Select Stand-alone root CA -> Click Next

                                         Image  5

On CA Identifying Information, in the Common name for this CA box, type the name of your server, On distinguished name suffix type DC=name of your server (Example: DC=tec)  and then click Next.

                                         Image  6

On Certificate Database Settings -> click Next.

                                         Image  7

Click Yes

                                         Image  8

Insert cd of windows server 2003 if prompt and Click OK

                                         Image  9

                                             Image  10

Click Yes

                                         Image  11

Click Finish

                                         Image  12

You successfully installed Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) on windows server 2003 now in  Part: 3: you will learn how to Signing certificate using Certificate Authority (CA)

NOTE: you can install Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) any machine running windows server 2003. It is not required to install CA on the machine where your Website is hosted.

Part: 1:  Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
Part: 2: How to install and configure Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA)
Part: 4:  Installing SSL Signed Certificate IIS 6.0


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