Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to Sign Certificate using Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) in windows server 2003

Part: 3:  Signing certificate using Certificate Authority (CA)
Part: 4:  Installing SSL Signed Certificate IIS 6.0

In Part2 of this tutorial you have learn  How to install and configure Microsoft Certificate Authority windows server 2003 now in Part3 you will learn How to Signing certificate using Certificate Authority.

On the server in which we have saved the CSR. if you don't know how to Create Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Click Here

Go to Start ->  Internet Explorer

                                            Image  1

If you installed  Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) on the same server in which you are hosting the website then in the Address Bar type http://localhost/certsrv and if you have install Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) some where else you have to type IP Address that server For example:
Once you have open the Microsoft Certificate Services page Click On Request a certificate

                                            Image  2 

Click On advanced certificate request

                                            Image  3 

Click On Submit a certificate request by using a base-64-encoded CMC or PKCS #10 file, or submit a renewal request by using a base-64-encoded PKCS #7 file. 

                                            Image  4 

In the empty box you have to copy the text from .CSR file and past it into the text box as shown below in Image 6 

                                            Image  5 

Copy all the text from the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file
Note: If you don't know how to generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file see the Part1 of this tutorial Click Here

                                            Image  6 

Past the copied text in the box as shown in the image. now click on Submit. 

                                            Image  7 

After you submit certificate request the certificate pending page will appear close this window.

                                            Image  8 

Go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Certification Authority

                                            Image  9 

From the left pane expand the “Certification Authority (Local)”

                                            Image  10 

Click On Pending Requests folder ->  right click request id, select All Tasks, and then click on Issue.

                                            Image  11 

After Issuing the certificate verify the Certificate is Issued properly by Clicking On Issued Certificates.  Now close Certificate Authority window.

                                            Image  12 

Now open Microsoft Certificate Services Webpage. In the Address Bar type http://localhost/certsrv and if you have install Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) some where else you have to type IP Address that server For example:

Click -> View the status of a pending certificate request.

                                            Image  13 

Click Save-Request Certificate ( DAY-MONTH-DATE-YEAR)

                                            Image  14 

Select DER encoded -> Click Download Certificate

                                            Image   15

Click on Save

                                            Image  16 

Browser to folder where you want to save the Certificate.

                                            Image  17 

Click Open to view the Certificate.

                                            Image  18 

Here you can view all the details of the Certificate.

                                            Image  19 

You successfully Issued Certificates using Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) on windows server 2003 and downloaded the Certificate now in Part: 4: of this tutorial you will learn how to Install SSL Signed Certificate Internet Information Services (IIS)

Part: 3:  Signing certificate using Certificate Authority (CA)
Part: 4:  Installing SSL Signed Certificate IIS 6.0 


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