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How to add application in IIS 8

An Application is a grouping of files and folders at the root of a Web site or a grouping of content in a separate folder under the Web site's root directory. When we add an application in IIS 8, we designate a directory as the starting point, for the application and then specify properties specific to that particular application, such as the application pool that the application will run in.

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In this video tutorial you will learn how to add one or more applications in a same website for instance let say you have one website which has a domain name now you got three more websites or web applications and you want to use same domain name for all three web applications but that can't be done. what you can do is you take domain name and add the / application name so it will look something like this

So in this video tutorial we are going to do the following :-
First: Add three web application to an existing website 


Second: configure the separate application pool for each of three web applications so that if one of the application goes down it will not affect other web applications.

Third: test all three web application on the server. 

Forth: solve the .Net Framework error from web application.

Fifth : Access and test all the three web applications from the client system.


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How to install and configure FTP on IIS 8 in Windows Server 2012

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Some of the common errors when your configuring ftp server also you will able to configure windows firewall for active and passive mode FTP and FTP IP address and domain restrictions configuration for better security.