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  1. Dear Concern,
    I need MAC tutorials

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  3. Error code 0x8007045b. It won't let me use recommended settings

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  5. Dear Sir, Windows Server 2003 Video Tutorial link is not working.
    The tutorials are good, please activate the link i want to study..

  6. dear sir

    plz upload zimbra mail server setup configuration world wide and maintenance

  7. Can you upload a slide to add a node to a domain in Hyper V ?

  8. Dear Sir/ Brother,

    I am Chandramouli from Hyderabad. I am DEAF born. So please can you help me that my pc computer all formart clean. So please can you send me email to my account. Thank you brother.

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  10. Dear Sir /Brother
    Please help me to Configure NAT D link2750 u router i want to configure NAT my local ip to public ip how its possible please help me if you have any video please share with me my email id-tqrahmad@gmail.com,tauqeer@impl.i

  11. Hello Team,

    Your tutorial of Self Signed Certificate and HTTP to HTTPS Re-direct helped me a lot.I really appreciate your efforts.

  12. why is the remote server timing out please help it giving me much problem please help

  13. why is the remote server timing out please help it giving me much problem please help

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  15. Hello, thanks for wonderful videos you are creating to share knowledge.
    I have an issue with X2 thin client. It is quite strange to me because I have been configuring and using X1,X2,X3,X6 and HP Thin Pro with a stand-alone windows server 2012R2 for more than two years. Due to the covid 19 break, we shut down. Then when we powered the server today August 25, 2020; none of the 275 X2 thin client could login to the server as usual.
    Note that they can ping server up and server can ping Thin Clients also, but non could logon to the server.
    Sir also note that this problem was not and has never occurred since we set up the system.
    Our server is exclusively configured for RDS only. No domain, no dns, no DHCP. Just a stand-alone for LAN.
    Thanks in anticipation of your feedback.
    Michael Otu
    West Africa